22 August 2018
Since its foundation, MentorTec has been supporting entrepreneurs and technology-based start-ups through the different stages of its development and growth. Below we present 3 start-ups in different maturation stages, which exmplify in which way MentorTec has been working with them and contributing to their success. 

iBrandit – founded in 2009, iBrandit is a consultancy, marketing, design and production company working with online and interactive media. iBrandit has already penetrated the media market, but it is now in the diversification stage, once it is developing an innovative platform for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to help with their development/progress and therapies using interactive technologies. This innovative product is in its final stage and ready to penetrate the market.

FreedomGrow – it’s a technology based start-up in the market penetration stage. Freedom Grow offers to its clients easy and affordable software solutions based on wireless sensors networks. FreedomGrow’s first solution is a powerful framework, called PlugSense, which allows developers to accomplish their goals with a structured and focused implementation method in less time and more effective than the conventional way.

Increase Time – it’s a technology based start-up offering its clients efficient, low cost and easy to deploy Home Health information Systems for Ambient Assisted Living and Medical Telemetry for continuous Healthcare with wireless sensors. This innovative solution is yet in an experimental phase, where technology is being validated.

Lean Data Consulting – it’s a young and dynamic company, specialized in data collecting and management. After realizing that having an office in the North of Portugal would bring it closer to this regional market, Lean Data Consulting decided for MentorTec’s virtual incubation’s solution and has now its virtual office in Oporto.
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