22 August 2018
MentorTec is a business accelerator focused on the promotion and sustainable growth of technology based start-ups, as well as on the establishment of business cooperation relationships between entrepreneurs and NTBF from different countries.

Stimulating young entrepreneurs to directly contact and learn from owners and CEOs of different enterprises is one of MentorTec’s main goals, reason why this Portuguese SME sees itself as a specialized interface between young entrepreneurs and business fabric all over the world, and mainly at European level.

This business accelerator also acts as certified training provider to its clients, including SMEs and Higher Education Institutions, especially in the field of creativity and innovation, European project management, enterprise communication and innovation management. Through its highly experienced trainers, MentorTec has a strong profile and competencies to operate and expedite on the various phases of the training cycle.

Overall these methodologies combined allow entrepreneurs to acquire the right of skills, market knowledge and resources they need to run their own start-up or, in some cases, to work on their idea in order to improve it and make their business successful.

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